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I got a prompt saying my registration code is invalid. How do I fix it?

This hapens when you updated your hardware or installed it to another computer. You can reset your registration code yourself. To do this, please log in to our website and click "My Account" link on the right top corner. In "My orders" tab click the order and you should be able to find a "Reset registration code" button right to the registration code. Clicking the button should get your code reset. You can then use the existing registration code to unlock the software.

Registration Code is Invalid??

Ok I have had this program for 2 days, and this is the 2nd time I have got this message. Nothing has changes, still on the same computer., I have not added anything new, no new hardware..  Whats wrong?



Do you have multiple internet connections on the computer?

Do you have multiple internet connections on the computer? Would you please tell me your registration code (send to luke at

setup detecting i have changed hardware - except i haven't!

i am also having this problem.  No, i have not installed it on another computer and no-one could have my code.

I use many internet connections.  Its a laptop.  I connect from numerous points, sometimes through wireless, sometimes through cable. 

very pleased
I have been using this product for about a year and I have to say, I am VERY pleased with the product, it's results and their level of customer service. When the time comes to re-new my registration I will WITHOUT A DOUBT re-new my license
Multiple Internet Connections
I think maybe I am having a problem because I am working on my notbook and I connect from various Internet connections.  I own and I just recently purchased your software to pull lists from the yellow pages.  Can you please help me?
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