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How do I install the latest version?

Here is how you install the latest version. In Add/Remove programs uninstall the current version. Download and install the latest trial version from the download page. Unlock the trial version by using your registration code. 

Program uninstaller
Please make an uninstaller visible in the program folder.
I am sure that would be a minor task for experienced programmers like you.
I have a LOT of software installed on my PC. Each time I need to upgrade, it takes 15
minutes for my PC to populate the list of programs to "add or uninstall".
With an uninstaller in the program folder, I could just double click it and it's gone!
Ray Cramblit
The new installation won't even open for me to unlock with my product code.  I keep getting a message the program has encountered a problem and has to close.  What do I do now?  Before at least I had something that worked sometimes.  Now I have something that doesn't work at all.
latest version .. not able to unlock
when I go to unlock it says my code only works up to version 2.0.4   which since I just paid 100 for ver  2.0.6 really sucks.. the product when it works is amazing.. Everytime I upgrade and I have 4 times.. have the same problem.